ESL Jeopardy – Free High Quality Apple Keynote & Powerpoint Presentation Templates

For an alternative ESL Jeopardy template that’s really great, check out Simon & Martina’s version.

A few quick Google Searches for Jeopardy templates for Apple Keynote turned up nothing except for discussion forum help requests.  Yes, there is a fundamental piece missing in Apple Keynote that makes building a proper Jeopardy game template impossible, but we can get 95% of the way there with almost no effort.  To my Apple fanboy chagrin, Powerpoint turns out to be even better at Jeopardy games.

Dmitry's ESL Jeopardy Game Board


I have created a High Quality ESL Jeopardy game/template for both Apple Keynote & MS Powerpoint.  It includes 25 questions in 5 categories, geared toward high-beginner or intermediate English learners with some good general knowledge about the world (i.e. high school and higher).

Apple Keynote IconClick here to download ESL Jeopardy for Apple Keynote – Version 1

Powerpoint IconClick here to Download ESL Jeopardy for Microsoft Powerpoint – Version 1


Version 1 comes with 5 categories (Science, Math, Geography, Misc, and Sports), with 5 questions per category (increasing difficulty from $100 to $500).

Here are some thumbnails of most of the included slides:

Sample Thumbnails of slides in Dmitry's ESL Jeopardy Version 1

Usage Directions

  1. Clicking on any dollar value, say “Science for $300″ takes you to that answer;
  2. Give the students a chance to think of the question (What is ____, who was ____, etc);
  3. When the students answer correctly or times runs out (keeping track of time is up to you), click anywhere to proceed to the correct question;
  4. Click anywhere (on the question text or in an empty area of the slide) to return to the game board.

Caveat Emptor

The functional difference between the Keynote version and the PowerPoint version is that Keynote cannot remember which links you have clicked on.  In other words, after clicking an answer on the Keynote Jeopardy board, viewing it, showing the corresponding question, and returning to the gameboard, it is impossible to mark which questions have already been seen and which ones haven’t.

Luckily, PowerPoint doesn’t have this problem – click on an answer/question, and when you come back to the gameboard, the ones you have already seen will be faded out to differentiate clearly from the unseen ones.

I hope this Jeopardy template is useful.  In the future, I plan to create one or two new versions with new categories & questions geared towards English language learners.

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